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Brian Tobey

NEWS Nikon Shutter Count

Find Nikon Shutter Count

Nikon Shutter Actuation Count

I have created a new tool to determine your total Nikon DSLR's shutter count or also known as total shutter actuations.

Why care about shutter count? Shutter count is one way of telling the amount of usage a camera has experienced. This is a helpful tip to provide when buying or selling used equipment at places like eBay or craigslist, etc.

News Update | Date Posted: October 09, 2011 |

NEWS Kindle 4 $79 Review

Kindle 4 $79 Review

New Kindle 4 for $79

This is the new Kindle 4th generation. This new Kindle comes at an incredible price and is faster, lighter, and more capable than any other e-book reader!

Amazon cut costs by eliminating the keyboard of it previous model. But this new kindle has more capability and an astonishing price! Read more to see full review, specs, and various functionality and features.

News Update | Date Posted: September 28, 2011 |