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Brian Tobey

Last Updated: November 9, 2012



Nikon Pricing Pollicy

Nikon established a new pricing policy back in October 2011. It comes at a disappointment for consumers. The new policy instantiates a fixed pricing scheme across retailers, and includes online retailers as well. Before its existence, consumers could shop around to determine the best discounts. I did, and found certain retailers discounting as much as 14%. The new policy leads to retailers including additional items as a package to stay competitive. For most of this, we are only interested in the Nikon product, and not the extra low quality accessories that are included in a deal.

The good news is that if you already own Nikon gear, its used value has increased due to this new policy. However, any new purchases, which are bound to be made, are all point of sale fixed price across all retailers. This unilateral pricing policy is intended to cut back on unauthorized dealers or scammers.

I would recommend sites like Adorama and Amazon for US online retail sites, as these sites typically include quality items within their discount packages. Also their return policies are honest and fair.


The best way to get discounts on Nikon gear is through Nikon Rebates. However, you typically have to buy 2 or more items. For example a DSLR paired with a lens usually offers anywhere between $100 to $300 off.



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