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Brian Tobey

LEARN D800: Diffraction, Motion, etc

Nikon D800 Diffraction

Impacts of the Nikon D800

This article presents the Nikon D800 as a system and how the roles of diffraction, noise, motion blur, and other technical aspects affect it from a system perspective.

Learn Photography | Date Posted: April 23, 2012 |

LEARN Install SSD in iMac 2011

Gain Data Performance in 2011 iMac

The new 2011 iMac's feature SATA-III ports. Take advantage of this improved data performance by installing a Solid State Drive (SSD) into your iMac. Get data transfer rates as high as 500 MB/sec with fast access times, nearly instant on experience. Note that SSD performance varies by manufacturer.

This is great for photographers looking to gain some increased performance. Apple is finally starting to catch up to PC performance.

Learn Photography | Date Posted: September 16, 2011 |

LEARN Bokeh - The Study of Blur

The Quality of Blur

When using a shallow depth of field, areas of a photo may be intentionally out of focus or blurred. Backgrounds can commonly be blurred to put emphasis on a subject and eliminate distracting backgrounds.

Bokeh is the quality of blur or the out of focus region of an image. Different lenses vary in quality of blur. Typically more expensive lenses produce excellent Bokeh.

Learn Photography | Date Posted: March 26, 2011 |