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Brian Tobey

NEWS Nikon D5100 Special

Nikon D5100

Awesome Deal!

Forget the D5200, Adorama is having a special on a refurbished D5100 at under $380! The D5200 doesn’t do much more than the original D5100. It is a mere incremental upgrade. I would skip the D5200 all together and get a D5100 at this refurbished price or a new D3200.

News Update | Date Posted: November 10, 2012 |

NEWS Nikon Pricing Policy

Nikon Pricing Policy

Fixed Pricing Policy

Nikon established a new pricing policy back in October 2011. It comes at a disappointment for consumers. The new policy instantiates a fixed pricing scheme across retailers, and includes online retailers as well.

News Update | Date Posted: November 09, 2012 |

NEWS Nikon ISO Field Test

Nikon ISO Test

D600 | D4 | D800 | D700

In this high ISO field test, we compare the differences between the Nikon D4, D800E, D600, and D700 at high ISO sensitivities and compare the noise, dynamic range, and color performance.

The results are more comparable than measurable, due to the field environment.

News Update | Date Posted: October 31, 2012 |

NEWS Nikon 1.8 Lineup: 28mm 50mm 85mm

Nikon 28mm 50mm 85mm 1.8g

28mm 1.8 | 50mm 1.8 | 85mm 1.8

Nikon's 1.8 FX prime lenses present excellent optics at an affordable price. Read how these lenses perform up to their father f/1.4 figures. I think you'll find these lenses surprisingly adequate!

News Update | Date Posted: April 26, 2012 |

NEWS Nikon CP+ Coverage: D800 | D4

Nikon D800 CP PLUS

Nikon D800 | D4 Coverage

btobey.com is at the CP+ show in Japan. A camera and photo imaging show in Japan. Check back often. We plan to cover all the D4 and D800 action!

CP+ is the Nikon D800's World Premiere!

News Update | Date Posted: February 09, 2012 |

NEWS Nikon D800E: Rumor | No AA Filter

Nikon D800E

February 7th | 36MP | No Anti-Aliasing Filter

The new Nikon D800 without the anti-aliasing filter will be called the D800E model.

Note that this is still a rumor. I am about 80% confident that this is truth. The announcement will be on February 7th, just before CP+.

News Update | Date Posted: January 23, 2012 |

NEWS Nikon CES 2012 Coverage

Nikon CES 2012

Consumer Electronics Show | Camera News

The consumer electronic show is ongoing in Las Vegas, NV from January 10th - 13th. Major camera manufacturers are present including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, and Fujifilm.

I will have camera news from all manufacturers, mostly focusing on Nikon, updates as the show continues...

News Update | Date Posted: January 11, 2012 |